Yoshiko Harada

Born in Fukuyama-city Hiroshima, Japan

I have been familiar with music and dance from childhood and come across Japanese traditional music in college days.

Started studying Japanese drum under Mr. Norichika Nagata, as a member of the Japanese drum group “Bingo Zao Daiko” and have deeply impressed by the impromptu style of Japanese drum while learned traditional rhythm.

1997 started the Japanese drum duo “Yo-chan Na-chan” with Ms. Natsuko Matsuo to create our original sound.

We have developed new unique style with a groovy feeling of swing and interplay of jazz

1999 Performed together with a jazz orchestra at the National Cultural Festival

Played with various genres like a classical music, rock, Latin, a dance, flower arrangement, etc.

2008 won an excellent prize in “The seventh Tokyo International Wadaiko (Japanese drum) Competition”

2010 established a Japanese drum group “SIONE” with friends.

2011 invited to “Bengaluru International Art Festival” in India to represent Japan

Now perform actively as a solo player, a member of “Yo-chan Na-chan”, “Bingo Zao Daiko” and “SIONE” in many concerts and events, also teaching at elementary and junior high school and local community groups