~First meeting with “Wadaiko” (Japanese Traditional Drum)~

When I majored in European Classical music at university, I listen to the local folk music of many countries just for amusement.

At that time I found “I am Japanese!” and how interesting each indigenous culture and nature makes each indigenous sound!

Then I found Japanese Traditional instruments club with friends in university.

That is my first meeting with Wadaiko (Japanese Traditional Drum).

Maybe I have longed for the sensation of “Rooted deeply in the earth and connecting to the universe, heaven, absolute, which is difficult to explain the word it is beyond the word” since that time.

After graduation, I really began to study Wadaiko and met the drum’s master Mr. Norichika Nagata.  Thanks to his teachings I like Wadaiko more and more.

Playing Wadaiko, there are traditional certain rhythm, playing improvisatory and interplay of both.  That is creation of “new” sound, “new” culture by “ancient” instrument Wadaiko….

“How fun!”

My Wadaiko life began this way.

~ My mission~

All is happen by necessity.

Everything has a reason to bring together, to meet, and to happen.

Because everything is gift from God.

Playing Wadaiko is for me a precious sense which is sound, body, mind and soul all become one “myself sound itself” ~Nostalgic feeling ~the joy of spirit ~I longed for these senses at the unconscious level and I can meet this big gift to live be honestly with these feelings.

The origin of the Japanese drum goes back to the before and after 10,000 BC.  From primitive times Drums are there with simple and unlimited depth sound.

I feel that my mission is to create the resonance of pure joy of living and elevation of the soul through drums.

~Conversation with soul~

“Mountains”,” Seas”, “the Sun”, “the Moon”,” Winds”,” Smiles of all people in the world”….

Blessings from the great nature, Sounds come from joy of heart and soul

Wadaiko which Japanese spirit was put into

Deep primal heartbeat comes from within

And soul become free

Beyond the country, language and word

Deeply resonate with souls by feeling and heart